You are a leader
– Technical & Finance leader (CTO, CIO, CFO and Managers)
– Transformation leader (BU Leader, PMO, Program Director, Transformation leader)

Needing to succeed at these digital transformations
– Critical process automation (finance, IT, customer service, CX)
– New system integration (ERP, ITSM)
– IT cost reduction
– Program & Change management
– Digital roadmap & governance effectiveness

We developed a 3-step system to succeed at it 
1 – Diagnose and report your situation
2 – Execute required transformation
3 – Coach your leaders to stabilize it

Penon Partners

Performance Diagnosis

Let’s find your chokeholds together!

We diagnose and propose solutions to remove your stumbling blocks and get the expected benefits.

You need to improve a Process 

  • Find solutions to improve a process that is underperforming 
  • Get a clear mapping of a process flow, systems, and teams (who does what, how it’s done, problems to solve)
  • Receive recommendations to improve the process performance (what to do and how)

You want to increase Department & Activity’s performance  

  • Find solutions to improve a team, Dpt or a BU that is underperforming.
  • Get a clear analysis of activities, responsibilities (RACI, competencies, process involved, staffing, performance)
  • Receive recommendations to adapt the department/team (what to do and how)

You want to put back on track a Program/Project in difficulties

  • Find solution to put back on track a program/project that is costly and out of control (slipping, extra costs, scope, benefits, weak outcomes)
  • Receive recommendations to restore the program/project (what to do and how)

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We will help you to tackle your problems and to consider a positive outcome!

Penon Partners

Transformation Execution

Let’s execute your story together!

We translate strategy vision into a tailored, structured & organized plan for implementation.

We drive the Change/Program and coordinate the initiatives within the organization.

We actively support the operational teams (managers, experts,..) to secure the delivery.

Program Planning & Structuring

  • Translate strategic decisions into a structured program plan
  • Frame a plan, define workstreams and mobilize to make it reality
  • Define business requirements and set up a mobilization plan (RFP or internal)

Program Management (PMO)

  • Drive and secure the execution of the plan with experienced Program Manager(s)
  • Mobilize resources at maximum capacity to move forward
  • Rely on an expert in business transformation to execute

High-Touch Execution Support

  • Help teams to implement and deliver the outcomes (Training, RACI, workflow, specifications, workshop preparation, recruitment assistance)
  • Support on the communication and training plan execution

If YES –> We would be happy to drive it!

Penon Partners

Interim Leadership

Let’s guide your story together!

We mentor & coach leaders to perform in their domain.
We lead a department for a determined period.

Mentoring and Coaching

  • Mentoring for your new role to accelerate your ramp-up and create a plan to achieve your goals.
  • Coaching and support from an experienced operational leader in your area to understand and adopt a “leader mindset”.
  • Mentoring and coaching on project/program leadership, tailored to your situation.

Expert Interim Leader 

  • Leader to Manage a Team/Department to overcome an obstacle (sudden departure or a gap in specific expertise,..)
  • New leadership perspective and drive for a department or team.

We provide interim leadership services for these positions:

  • Finance & controlling, Auditor


Business Integration & Online Transformation 

Digitalization of Critical Process & Practices

  • Self-serve and automation of customer service & support
  • Order to Cash process automation
  • Procure to Pay process automation
  • Customer enablement automation
  • Finance controlling & BI tools implementation
  • ERP implementation in the broadcast Industry
  • Insurance contract & claims quality improvement
  • Deployment of Lean Six Sigma and ITIL Methods
  • Modernize & Strengthen Project Management Culture
  • Due diligence of IT Outsourcing, risk management

IT Performance increase

  • IT cost killing (20% per year)
  • IT core Process Automation (demand, change, incident, release – based on ITIL)
  • IT Roadmap elaboration
  • Business <-> IT Alignment & Reconciliation
  • CTO/CIO Organization restructuring 

IT Operations Excellence