This multi-national hardware and service company was delivering hardware and managing services (software and support) in the traditional way, with limited online capabilities. They were looking to change the way they currently operated: orders were taken over the phone and via email – customer requests (enablement, support, RMA) were partially online, with many customer contacts and wasted energy – service reports and billing were sent via email with many manual steps. Their competitors were already offering an online experience. So, they decided to launch an ambitious RFP to optimize their business model and unify the online experience for customers.


Penon Partners led all the steps of the RFP with leadership, from vision goals to selection of the bidder for implementation. We managed RFP in 2 main steps:

RFP issuing

  • Define the objectives and design the future online experience for customers, future core processes and system flows.
  • Write the RFP document (with all these requirements, IT needs, timeline and procurement rules) and select the bidders.

RFP selection

  • Launch and manage the RFP (select bidders, proposals analysis, Q&A, oral organization and final reports).
  • Bidder selection, finalize budget, create a resource plan, and define main milestones


All business leaders aligned themselves with the future baseline model. They implemented some changes immediately, without waiting for the RFP to be completed, which allowed for immediate improvement in some critical areas. The final selection was made, and ready to be signed. The implementation never started because of the Covid crisis.

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Written by Jean-Christophe Laurent,, CEO at Penon Partners
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