I keep hearing the question, what is “the future of work” or “the workplace of the future” and I think we are asking the wrong question because the workplace has changed and it is “the workplace of Now”.

The world was forced to make a quantum leap in how to conduct business and didn’t have the luxury of time to make this change.  Most of the US companies that I follow had much of their workforce productively working remotely within approximately 8 weeks. Equipment, interfaces, licenses, connectivity and accessories were distributed at lightning speed in an effort to keep industry moving.

The question we should be asking ourselves is how do we manage “the workplace of Now”. The technology was no doubt the easy part. Now comes the real challenge – the human element. 

The remote workplace is different, physical interaction has been replaced with an electronic interface. Having an office in our living room is not what we thought it would be.  Americans are working longer hours and seeing less recognition. We are spending days separated from our colleagues and missing the comradery.  We are missing specific skills and lacking access to training and development.

Management teams and their HR partners need help to meet the challenges of today’s diverse and distributed workers. As we move through Q4 and prepare for 2021 we need to address these issues to further enable our teams and compete for critical talent.  Penon Partners has the expertise to clarify your Human Capital priorities, the resources to put a plan in place and help you execute the plan.

Here are a few areas we can assist you with:

  • Work Force Planning and Alignment

  • Management Tactics for Remote and On Site workers

  • Talent Analytics to Drive Business Outcomes

  • Improve the Employee Experience

  • Talent Pipeline – High Potential Employee Development Strategies

  • Training and Development to close the Skills Gap

Written by Richard Segers, rsegers@penonpartners.com, Practice Leader – Sales Team Performance Consulting at Penon Partners

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