A lot gets said about change.  “Change is inevitable”.  “Change is hard”.  “Change is necessary”.  “The only constant is change”.  “Change is good”.

All these are true, but what does not get said so often is that implementing and executing change in a manner that makes the changes stick AND deliver the expected benefits is REALLY HARD.  Why is this?  Because even when companies recognize the need and benefits of change, people are resistant to change.  And talking about how hard it is generally doesn’t make them more eager to embrace it.  I’m sure that does not come as a surprise to anyone, but yet, most companies still struggle.  Why?  Often, it is because those responsible for implementing and executing the changes are not skilled at the tasks required.

When it is an external force like COVID-19 that is driving the need for change, utilizing just internal resources to determine not only what to change, but how to do so, is a big ask.  And trying to do so in real-time while living and managing through a whole new set of circumstances at work (and at home) may not be the best plan.

Bringing in outside resources to help determine what changes to make is not a new concept. Having outside resources with the skills and track record to not just deliver recommendations but also work alongside you to implement and execute the needed changes – for both quick wins and long-term improvements – is much rarer.  By working hand-in-hand with your people, Penon Partners provides the best of both with hands-on implementation and execution resources to deliver meaningful and lasting change. Please contact us to learn more.

Written by Russell Bandy, rbandy@penonpartners.com, Practice Leader – Sales Enablement and Customer Experience Consulting at Penon Partners

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