Moving to a “Business As A Service” model is quickly becoming a requirement in today’s market.

Navigating your “Business As A Service” transformation is a challenge that requires a robust execution plan.

So why are companies switching to a “BaaS” model and why does it make sense?


  • It answers the need for Agility, Transparency, and ‘Pay by the Drink’ flexibility that the B2C market is already adopting
  • The new generation of consumers & customers have embraced this model and are quickly becoming the decision-makers in B2B business
  • It clarifies the organization’s value proposition on which each team/employee/partner can be attached and contribute
  • It facilitates the “try before you buy” sales methodology with an accessible upfront cost structure

Some traps of execution to avoid are:

  • Confusing both internal and external partners, as well as customers, with a complex offering added to the legacy model
  • Creating a gap between your internal back-office capabilities and your customer engagement and service proposition
  • Launching multiple initiatives with a lack of coherency
  • Under evaluating the complexity of assembling all the components of your value chain to fulfill your engagement

So, as a business leader, carefully choose your implementation tactic(s) to move forward:

  • Do you start your execution by servicing this Product first, then another one,…
  • or do you start by “servicing” this part of the value chain (customer support, Order options, Warranty options,…), then another one?
  • or do you start by “servicing” our internal operations (IT, Operations, HR,…) to manage the change, then you extend your services to your customers?

In short, “Business As A Service” is a journey that impacts your entire operating model – from the Sales to Billing complexity and from the core infrastructure to online services.

  • Structure the change as a dedicated Program – with a structure, sponsor, budget, resources, execution plan!
  • Set up a realistic plan, mobilize the management
  • Define intermediate milestones of success
  • Communicate and celebrate your progress

It’s a pleasant collective journey when the path is clear, when it’s rigorously managed, and when executed to meet the specific goals of your organization.

Penon Partners can help you throughout the entire process!

Written by Jean-Christophe Laurent,, CEO at Penon Partners

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