One of the world’s largest global hotel chains decided to migrate critical business applications from on-prem to hosted in AWS cloud service. This required migrating scores of applications, database services, and several thousand workloads (VMs). The objective of this move is to leverage cloud services to improve agility, system performance, applications availability, and to reduce response time and IT infrastructure services costs.​


Defined the cloud strategy through application refactoring and designed technical solution​

  • A “Cloud First” strategy instituted with initial catalog, implementation standards and design ​
  • Identification of next-gen architecture and application cloud placement (Refactoring)​​

Developed a migration plan to drive the project to its successful conclusion. ​

  • PaaS onboarding with workload migrations and developed workload optimization​
  • Identified application move groups and prioritized applications by Tier​
  • Developed migration priorities: Dev/QA/Production environment in that order ​

Trained, cloud certified, and transformed operations team for cloud infrastructure management. ​

Executed the migration plan that resulted in the following:​

  • Right-sized infrastructure for existing workloads by leveraging automation for scaling up and down​
  • System migration included over 5000 workloads (VMs) with no production impact​
  • Support transformation of business-critical applications to micro services architecture (Containerization, CDCI, etc.)​

The project was transformational for the company in terms of IT management (Agility, Consistency, Scalability, Security, and Application Delivery) and provided new on-demand capabilities to support business growth. In addition, the company was able to reduce IT infrastructure capital and application delivery costs by over 25% while ensuring better system availability and improved disaster recovery solution.​
Written by Srini Ratnam,, Practice Leader – IT Infrastructure and Operations Consulting at Penon Partners

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