This successful multinational IoT services company was growing its business faster than its organization could handle. The R&D department (Telecom and software services) was overwhelmed by the demands of the product and sales departments as well as the demands of customer service. They had to strengthen their business model to grow the business.


Penon Partners led the R&D restructuring plan with the VP of the department (60ppl), from the definition of the new model to its full implementation. We managed as follows:

Defined the vision and model (1 month)
  • Defined the vision and design of future services, core processes and organizational chart.
  • Validated with the executive committee to get sponsorship (GM, product, sales, finance).
Implementation (6 months)
  • Ensured the communication plan with the team, recruitments, training and daily support for the adoption of the new model.
  • Reviewed roadmap with product and sales to address capabilities issues.
  • Defined the new roles and responsibilities (RACI) with all team leaders and adjusted the organization.
  • Implemented ITIL principles and deployed new workflows to automate request, incident and change processes.


In less than a year, the R&D department moved from a reactive and people-based organization to a predictive and service-based organization. Customer service improved its NPS (net Promoter Score), and roadmap reliability increased significantly. It has become a reliable and trustworthy asset for the company.