A healthcare application developer had acquired over 25 software companies and desired to find the synergies in their software distribution practices.  The focus was on the 35 different methods of electronic software distribution used by these businesses.
The objectives were 1) ISO 9001-2000 certification 2) SCP certification 3) Improved Customer Satisfaction 4) Safe Harbour and BIS compliance.

We designed a single solution for electronic delivery across all lines of business that supported both the software developer’s needs as well as the needs of the healthcare customers.
We assessed each business’s current practices to establish a baseline, then evaluated the market space and selected a SaaS provider that could meet the requirements, and then developed a new set of common processes to replace the legacy practices.  We then developed a six-week migration plan for each business to move to the common solution.

In under two years, all businesses were using the same electronic software distribution solution, ISO 9001-2000 and SCP certification had been received, developer satisfaction was 100%, customer satisfaction was 95.8%, and annual savings of ~$1m per year had been realized.

Written by Andy Smith,, Practice Leader – Global IT Operations Excellence Consulting at Penon Partners
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