After the acquisition of 3 IoT players in Europe, the company wanted to leverage these multi-cultural entities to create a unique and scalable IoT MVNO services BU in Europe (150ppl)​

The objectives were to 1) Improve efficiency by regrouping the R&D, Operations, and Support, 2) Standardize the customer service, 3) Secure the future offering roadmap to scale the business.​


Penon Partners designed the future operating model with the business leaders, then drove the execution of the overall transformation plan on the field. After designing the new organization, the approach taken was:​

  • Assess teams’ requirements, critical services, and operations to secure technical constraints to avoid interruption​
  • Define a transition plan to reduce the business impact (customer service, people, technical)​
  • Execute the transfer plan in parallel per service (Products, R&D, customer service, Support & Operations)​



In less than one year, the new BU organization is up and running, business as usual is ensured within the new structure at lower cost (-30%), with a higher quality (doubled NPS), the foundations are set to scale the business.​

  • Creation of a centralized R&D organization with 24/7 NOC, based on ITIL / DevOps Agile (80ppl)​
  • Centralization of the customer service (service enablement, logistics, billing) (20 ppl)​
  • New product roadmap & release plan with a new culture of project methodology (10ppl)​
  • The 3-year plan to nurture customers and develop new BU services is validated.



Written by Jean-Christophe Laurent,, CEO at Penon Partners

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