A recurring services company was experiencing quality issues and long delays in the customer onboarding phase (hardware and software services). Customers were complaining, the effort to resolve the issues was costly, and revenue was also being directly delayed. They needed to improve their onboarding process.


Penon Partners led the improvement of the customer onboarding process from the diagnosis to the full implementation of the recommendations. We managed as follows:

Define the root cause of the issues

  • Organized of a two-day workshop with all key players involved in the process (step-by-step problem analysis, brainstorming on solutions, small group sessions)
  • Formalized the recommended process (steps, roles and deliverables) and developed the implementation plan.

Implementation (6 months)

  • Ensured communication plan for all teams.
  • Led the execution of the plan (new workflow, new deliverables, system adjustments).
  • Supported all departments to ensure effective implementation.


Reduced customer onboarding time by 250% (same as competition) and increased quality allowed for new testing capabilities for pre-sales to customers.