Mission critical hospitality applications were being hosted in the United States with a content delivery service providing the omnichannel edge services to the customers. However, the global customers (outside the US)  were long hauled to US data center impacting customer experience in Europe, Asia, etc.
The client wanted a new solution to be architected and hosted on AWS regional cloud platforms in order to improve the global customers’ experience.

Created an application hosting strategy that utilized AWS Regions and Availability Zones
Developed strategy to synchronize databases globally through AWS Regions and Availability Zones
Leveraged AWS backbone network  for high speed and high volume transactions using AWS native capabilities

Architected, designed and built an infrastructure solution on AWS regions:

  • Leveraged both AWS Content Delivery Network and the existing third party CDN services
  • Deployed hybrid cloud network integration between AWS and on-prem
  • Enabled an elastic traffic split between regions with capabilities to follow the demand
  • Created a QA environment to perform automated tests prior to migration to production.
  • Deployed container capabilities for managing releases in a DevOps method (CICD Pipelines)

The company improved the mobile and web application performance along with better hotel front desk functions including check ins/outs. This translated into better guest experience and lower application delivery costs.
The project helped satisfy hotel owners, guests and  improved overall revenue RevPar realization.

Written by Srini Ratnam,, Practice Leader – IT Infrastructure and Operations Consulting at Penon Partners
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