I’m proud and really excited to announce the development of our organization to strengthen our offering with the arrival of Holger Schneidt, Richard Segers, and Russell Bandy.

Holger, Richard and Russell are 3 tremendous business leaders with a true expertise and large transformation in their domain.
At Penon Partners, they will develop new consulting practices for our customers:
– Holger Schneidt leads the IT Governance, security & compliance offerings.
– Richard leads our Marketing positioning and the Human Capital offerings.
– Russell leads the Sales enablement and Customer eXperience offerings.

We are enabling new capabilities to embrace complex and diverse situations for our customers.

We are preparing amazing offerings and solutions to help our customer to execute faster their transformation. We will be back to you very shortly.

If you want to know more about them and how we can serve, I invite you to contact us or have a look at our website www.penonpartners.com

Thank you for your active reading – Discover our services and why Penon!